Hand. Built. Texas. Legacy.

What goes in to an HDM Smoker?

Passion and grit.  The same formula that makes a Pit Master a “Pit Master”.  Cold mornings, hot evenings and long hours.  Welders and Pit Masters come from the same breed.  We’re passionate about what we do and we want others to see it too. That’s why we strive to offer you a product that will make you feel as proud as the meat you are smoking.  You want the world to know that you have “true grit” and “passion“.  From commercial smokers to backyard smokers, let us help you shine!

High quality, heavy duty meat smokers

Standard options:
  • .250″ minimum wall thickness on cook chamber and firebox
  • Sliding main cooking grate
  • Heavy duty legs with 550 lb caster wheels (2 locking and swivel)
  • Lower firewood expanded metal rack
  • Rolling handle on cook chamber door
Additional options:
  • Off-road package with 10″ wheels and wagon handle
  • Roxul insulated firebox 3″
  • Tel-Tru thermometers
  • Full port valves for draining
  • Food probe port
  • Upper cooking rack
  • Sausage rods
  • Lower firewood rack (only available on off-road package)

1000, 500, 250 gallon smokers on skids or trailer

Customizable backyard smokers

CNC Plasma customization

Decommissioned propane tanks or new steel options

We build our own trailers

Yes, we fabricate offset smokers.

What we build is a legacy.